December 2021

Helping Yourself Heal During…………. by Alan D. Wolfelt, PhD


Holidays are often difficult for anyone who has experienced the death of someone loved. Rather than being times of family togetherness, sharing, and thanksgiving, holidays can bring feelings of sadness, loss, and emptiness. Love Does Not End with Death. Since love does not end with death, holidays may result in a renewed sense of personal grief – a feeling of loss unlike that experienced in the routine of daily living. Society encourages you to join in the holiday spirit while everything around you triggers memories of the one you love who has died. No simple guidelines exist that will take away your hurt; however we hope the following suggestions will help you better cope. Talk about Your Grief. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings. Find caring friends and relatives who will listen without judging you. Be Tolerant of Your Physical and Psychological Limits. You will feel fatigued, so respect what your body and mind are telling you. Eliminate Unnecessary Stress. Don’t overextend yourself. Be With Supportive Comforting People. Talk about the Person Who Has Died. Include him/her in your holiday conversation. Do What is Right for You During the Holidays. Others often try to prescribe what is good for you during the holidays, but focus on what you want to do. Plan Ahead for Family Gatherings. As you make your plans, however, leave room to change them if you feel it is appropriate. Embrace Your Treasure of Memories. Instead of ignoring these memories, share them with your family and friends. If your memories bring laughter, smile. If they bring sadness, then it’s all right to cry. Memories are made in love - no one can ever take them away from you. Renew Your Resources for Living. Spend time thinking about the meaning and purpose of your life. Make the best use of this time to define the positive things in life that surround you. Express Your Faith. You may find a renewed sense of faith or discover a new set of beliefs. You may want to attend a holiday service or special religious ceremony.


My dear Friends, have the most wonderful Christmas you can have and a Happier New Year in 2022. Love yourself. Be patient with yourself, and allow yourself to be surrounded by loving, caring people.

Educate yourself about your grief and feelings by attending our first Grief Support class on January 16.

Ruth Turner
Outreach Chairman and Certified Grief Support Facilitator


All Support Meetings are 2:30 to 4:30 pm on



Following each session, those who wish to go meet at a nearby restaurant for dinner, which provides a good opportunity to get to know each other. 

JAN 16, 23, 30; FEB 6, 13

University Christian Church : 2720 S University Dr, Ft Worth. Facilitator: Ruth Turner.

Additional Grief Support sessions will be announced later. Refer to the January 2022 newsletter for details.