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February 2023

Good morning, my Dear Ones,


Well, we have struggled through November and December, had somewhat of a break in January and now here comes February 14th, the day of “Love,” with the giving of a dozen red roses, big heart shaped boxes of candy, chocolate covered strawberries and loving cards. Cupid’s arrow is hitting our hearts. For some, it’s feelings of love, but for others the heart aches even more.

No, I am not against Valentine’s Day, but as a “widow” I’d like to say not everyone can indulge in these traditions. For those that have lost their loved one, special days like this can trigger intense memories and emotions, no matter how long it has been. Valentine’s Day may be a day of mourning, instead of love and happiness.

I still miss celebrating this special day. My husband made sure the card I received said all the things I wanted to hear, and it made me feel special and loved. So, what can I do to give this day meaning?

I can buy myself one (1) red rose in memory of his love. I can buy me a “small” heart shaped box of candy or chocolate covered strawberries for a treat. I can even look for a card that says all the things would like to say to him or what I would like to hear from him. I will send Valentine greetings to my loved ones and friends. I will meet my friends for a WPS breakfast. So, this is how I will cope with the day. Just as we love others, we need to give some love to ourselves as well.

What are other ways to cope with the “Day”? Give yourself permission to grieve. Don’t give in to pressures to act in a particular way. Give yourself permission to grieve your loved one in your own way. Write it down. Put your thoughts and feelings into words. Be your own Valentine. Honor your beloved. Celebrate “Love” in all forms.

Be sure to go to our Grief Support sessions to be with others that understand no matter how long it has been. Learn about Grief, how it affects your body. Learn how to cope with Grief. Learn how to go “forward” with your life. This costs you nothing but time, to help yourself.

Here’s a big hug for you for Valentine’s Day!


Ruth Turner
Outreach Chairman and Certified Grief Support Facilitator


All Support Meetings are 2:30 to 4:30 pm on


Following each session, those who wish to go meet at a nearby restaurant for dinner, which provides a good opportunity to get to know each other. 

*NOTE: Any changes to this schedule will be announced in both the Newsletter
and on our Facebook page, so check each month for any changes. For any other information on Grief Support, call the WPS office 817-551-2922 Mon-Thu, 10AM-2PM or Ruth Turner 817-713-9372.  If no answer at either number, please leave a voicemail.


JAN 15, 22, 29; FEB 5, 12 : University Christian Church, 2720 S University Dr (by TCU), Ft Worth. Facilitator: Merryl Kloster.

FEB 19, 26; MAR 5, 12, 19 : First Baptist Church, Burleson, 317 W Ellison St, Burleson (park behind church). Facilitator: Ruth Turner.

MAR 26; APR 2, (SKIP 9), 16, 23, 30 : University Christian Church, 2720 S University Dr (by TCU), Ft Worth. Facilitator: Merryl Kloster

JUN 4, 11, 18, 25; (SKIP JUL 2), JUL 9 : Pleasantview Baptist Church, 4400 Pleasant View Dr, Arlington. Facilitator: Arlyne Clements.

JUL 16, 23, 30; AUG. 6, 13 : Genesis United Methodist Church, 7635 S Hulen St, Ft Worth. Facilitator: Ruth Turner.

AUG 20, 27; (SKIP SEP 3) SEP 10, 17, 24 : St. John Lutheran Church, 1218 E Debbie Ln, Mansfield. Facilitator: Phyllis Weisheit.

OCT 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 : University Christian Church, 2720 S University Dr (by TCU), Fort Worth. Facilitator: Ruth Turner.

NOV 5 : HOLIDAY GRIEF SUPPORT : 2:30 to 4:30 PM, University Christian Church, 2720 S University Dr (by TCU), Ft Worth.

Christian Church, 2720 S University Dr (by TCU), Ft Worth.

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