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July 2024

Good morning, my WPS Friends. As we greet this wonderful day, let us be grateful for our many blessings.


I trust you will find some meaning in the following article called, “Standing in Front of a Crossroad” (Message in a Bottle by Christina Rasmussen).

          “Some will tell you to go left.
          Others tell you to go right.
          And some tell you to stay put.
          Maybe make a decision a year from now.
          Or even two.
          Just stand in front of the crossroad until then.
          And because you doubt yourself you listen to the waiting crowd.
          Thinking it’s for the best right now.
          But is it?
          Your standing there for so long.
          Unmovable. Unchangeable.
          Waiting to live. Afraid of choices.
                You are a human being.
                You are here to change, move, act, step out.
                You are not here to sit and wait.
                You are here to live out loud.

          Especially because you now know how quickly the crossroad can be taken away from you.
          How quickly you won’t have a choice to make.
          The crossroad is a big honor.
          The honor of being alive.
          Should you move to a new town?
          Should you change your job?
          Should you cut your hair?
          Should you turn down a dinner invitation?
          The questions in front of the crossroad are infinite, but they must always be answered.
          You must always make a choice.
          Learning to step on the crossroad is a challenge.
          But a challenge we must accept.
          Now, what is the question you have been asking in front of the crossroad?
          Answer it!...Will you?...”


Happy July 4th. Hugs.

Ruth TurnerOutreach Chairman and Certified Grief Support Facilitator


All Support Meetings are 2:30 to 4:30 pm on


Following each session, those who wish to go meet at a nearby restaurant for dinner, which provides a good opportunity to get to know each other. 

*NOTE: Any changes to this schedule will be announced in both the Newsletter
and on our Facebook page, so check each month for any changes. For any other information on Grief Support, call the WPS office 817-551-2922 Mon-Thu, 10AM-2PM or Ruth Turner 817-713-9372.  If no answer at either number, please leave a voicemail and your call will be returned as soon as possible.


JAN 14, 21, 28; FEB 4, 11 : Pleasantview Baptist Church, 4400 Pleasant View Dr, Arlington. Facilitator: Merryl Kloster.

FEB 18, 25; MAR 3, 10, 17 : First Baptist Church, Burleson, 317 W Ellison St, Burleson (park behind church). Facilitator: Ruth Turner.

MAR 24; (SKIP 31), APR 7,14,21,28: St. John Lutheran Church, 1218 E Debbie Ln, Mansfield. (in Youth Bldg at back of church.) Facilitator: Phyllis Weisheit.

JUN 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; Pleasantview Baptist Church, 4400 Pleasant View Dr, Arlington. Facilitator: Arlyne Clements.

JUL 14, 21, 28; AUG. 4, 11 : Genesis United Methodist Church, 7635 S Hulen St, Ft Worth. Facilitator: Ruth Turner.

AUG 18, 25; (SKIP SEP 1) SEP 8, 15, 22 : Lucas Funeral Home, 1321 Precinct Line Rd, Hurst. Facilitator: TBA


DEC 8 : CANDLELIGHT REMEMBRANCE SERVICE 3:00 PM, St. John Lutheran Church, 1218 E Debbie Ln, Mansfield.

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