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March 2024

Good morning, Dear Friends,


The loss of a husband or wife is considered one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. It can profoundly change the way you live after you go through it. Speaking with others in our Grief Support classes who have gone through some of the same things that you have can bring enormous relief.

Death, especially a spouse’s death, changes one’s life in ways that cannot be anticipated. With that death, one’s world is forever changed.

One analogy I have found myself using in class is the following. If you were to imagine the day before your loved one died, there was an intact picture of your life. The picture may not have been perfect, but it was there, and it made sense. There was a beginning, a middle and an expected ending. With death comes the destruction of that picture. It is as if the picture has been taken out of your hands, smashed to the ground in a thousand pieces, and then some of the most treasured pieces are forever taken away.

The challenge with grief is to then take all of those pieces which are left and attempt to make a new picture. The picture of the life you once had is impossible to recreate, as much as one may try. It cannot be recreated with pieces missing. A new picture must be assembled with the pieces that are left and with new pieces that are picked up along the way.


The process of putting the pieces back together is one that often feels chaotic and confusing. It may sometimes be surprising to find out how much thinking is involved in the grief process. Thoughts bounce around trying to connect what was with what is and struggle to make sense out of what seems to be incomprehensible.

With each piece, the bereaved, through trial and error, find where each piece belongs or even if it belongs at all. This process is different for every person and does not adhere to any kind of timeline. This [what feels like endless] thinking is the work that grief demands; it is the creation of a new picture of your life one piece at a time.

(Thank you Compassionate Friends.)

Looking forward to seeing you at one of our many activities.

Ruth TurnerOutreach Chairman and Certified Grief Support Facilitator


All Support Meetings are 2:30 to 4:30 pm on


Following each session, those who wish to go meet at a nearby restaurant for dinner, which provides a good opportunity to get to know each other. 

*NOTE: Any changes to this schedule will be announced in both the Newsletter
and on our Facebook page, so check each month for any changes. For any other information on Grief Support, call the WPS office 817-551-2922 Mon-Thu, 10AM-2PM or Ruth Turner 817-713-9372.  If no answer at either number, please leave a voicemail and your call will be returned as soon as possible.


JAN 14, 21, 28; FEB 4, 11 : Pleasantview Baptist Church, 4400 Pleasant View Dr, Arlington. Facilitator: Merryl Kloster.

FEB 18, 25; MAR 3, 10, 17 : First Baptist Church, Burleson, 317 W Ellison St, Burleson (park behind church). Facilitator: Ruth Turner.

MAR 24; (SKIP 31), APR 7,14,21,28: St. John Lutheran Church, 1218 E Debbie Ln, Mansfield. (in Youth Bldg at back of church.) Facilitator: Phyllis Weisheit.

JUN 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; Pleasantview Baptist Church, 4400 Pleasant View Dr, Arlington. Facilitator: Arlyne Clements.

JUL 14, 21, 28; AUG. 4, 11 : Genesis United Methodist Church, 7635 S Hulen St, Ft Worth. Facilitator: Ruth Turner.

AUG 18, 25; (SKIP SEP 1) SEP 8, 15, 22 : Lucas Funeral Home, 1321 Precinct Line Rd, Hurst. Facilitator: TBA


DEC 8 : CANDLELIGHT REMEMBRANCE SERVICE 3:00 PM, St. John Lutheran Church, 1218 E Debbie Ln, Mansfield.

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