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WHO ARE WE? We are women and men of all ages and backgrounds who have been widowed and are seeking support and guidance from other widowed persons who have had similar experiences.

HOW DID WPS ORIGINATE?  Widowed Persons Service was established in 1973 by the American Association of Retired Persons. In 1979 a WPS was organized to serve Tarrant County and surrounding communities. In 2001, AARP wanted to expand their outreach into other areas of grief. At that time, we chose to separate from AARP and become an independent not-for-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

WHAT DO WE DO? We conduct grief support sessions led by trained widowed persons. Outreach volunteers counsel with individuals. We meet every Saturday morning for breakfast at several locations in Tarrant County as well as other locations on other days of the week. We have several monthly dinner gatherings throughout the county. We have a monthly birthday party. We have game nights. We go on cruises. We have many diverse activities throughout every month.

HOW DO YOU FIND US? Please note our address and phone numbers at the bottom of all pages. Also, see the Contact Us page which has a locator map.


Did you know that WPS is fully supported by donors and volunteers?


Did you know that every week WPS offers over 23 events in 7 areas around Ft Worth and that you are invited to all?


Did you know that your browser may allow you to increase the font size by pressing and holding down the Ctrl key and then pressing the + key? Alternatively, use the Ctrl and - key to decrease the font size.


Did you know that this WPS web site functions equally well on a smartphone or tablet? Give it a try.


Did you know that many volunteer opportunities are available within WPS? Just call the office, speak to a Board Member or speak to a leader at any activity.


Did you know that many hardware and software vendors, such as Adobe, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Lenovo, Amazon and many others, offer their products to non-profit organizations, such as WPS, at extreme discounts?

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