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In recent months or days you have been placed in a period of time in your life that caused you grief and sorrow in the loss of someone you loved.
The members of the Widowed Persons Service of Tarrant County extend a hand to you and welcome you into our lives.

You are welcome to view the pages of this web site. We extend an invitation to join in our activities. We believe you will find comfort in the knowledge that everyone you meet in the coming months and years through our activities has experienced the same cloudy days but you can be reassured there are sunny days ahead.

After viewing these pages ask the office to send you one of our monthly newsletters. You will be glad you



Once again, we welcome you to review our web site, become a member and get involved. There are no fees or dues.


June 2023

Hello, All!!! What a beautiful spring morning. Hope all of you are enjoying the beautiful weather.

Next month we will be mailing ALL newsletters by USPS mail, as we will be including our Annual Drawing Discount Coupons for prizes to be awarded at this year’s General Meeting in October. I'm excited, as this year we are offering some great prizes. First prize is a $500 gift card to SOUTHWEST AIRLINES, second prize is an iROBOT® SWEEPER which will clean your floors automatically, and third prize is a box of FILET MIGNON STEAKS. Many other items will also be given away in addition to these three main prizes. You need not be present to win any of these prizes. Door prizes will also be awarded but only to people attending the General Meeting.

We have a lot of time to sell coupons, as the prizes will be awarded October 5 at the General Meeting at Fat Daddy's in Mansfield. This is our largest fundraiser of the year and is open to the public, so feel free to encourage family and friends to get coupons as well so that we can make this a success. Extra coupons are
available from all WPS Officers, Board Members, Facilitators and event hosts, and, of course, you can pick up some from the office. Let's make this year the best year for coupons sales we’ve ever had!

I recently received an inquiry for a member’s personal information. I informed them of our Member Information Policy which  states that if a member's phone number and/or address is wanted, the caller should be told that, in the interest of privacy, we do not give out that information. We will take your name and phone number and let the member know that you wish to contact them. Then, if the member chooses, the member can contact the person directly.

The Directory is one of our important fundraisers, and we want everyone to list their personal information. It’s voluntary, and the member can specify exactly what they want it to contain. You must sign the form to give us permission to publish your information.

We are looking ahead to offering additional events in 2024, such as day trips, overnight trips and cruises, so if you have any suggestions for places you would like to go, PLEASE call the office. These events are nice fundraisers, as all we need to do is attend them.

Phyllis Weisheit, President


WPS of Tarrant County is a Grief Support Program for widowed persons of all ages. WPS of Tarrant County is a Tax Exempt Not-For-Profit organization funded by memorials, gifts and donations.


Please view our newsletter activity flyers 


Monday - Friday 10 AM - 2 PM

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