In recent months or days you have been placed in a period of time in your life that caused you grief and sorrow in the loss of someone you loved.
The members of the Widowed Persons Service of Tarrant County extend a hand to you and welcome you into our lives.

You are welcome to view the pages of this web site. We extend an invitation to join in our activities. We believe you will find comfort in the knowledge that everyone you meet in the coming months and years through our activities has experienced the same cloudy days but you can be reassured there are sunny days ahead.

After viewing these pages ask the office to send you one of our monthly newsletters. You will be glad you



Once again, we welcome you to review our web site, become a member and get involved. There are no fees or dues.


June 2022

Summer is here again. We were fortunate to have had a few weeks of nice spring weather this year, but summer has abruptly and forcefully returned. With summer also comes the opportunity to enjoy more outdoor activities – gardening, the backyard pool, baseball, soccer, etc. You’ll also want to stock up on plenty
of sunscreen for most of these activities (and mosquito repellent for those affected).


Since summer is here again, we’re looking into new events that might be interesting to WPS members. These activities include day trips to interesting local and regional locations in the general area or a short drive distant, concerts, plays, and others. Some venues that have been mentioned include the Kimball Art Museum, the Dallas Arboretum, Arlington Music Hall, Ft Worth Stockyards and Casa Manana. Trips of this type are fun, generally inexpensive and usually get you home before dark. If any of these (or others) sound interesting, we’d like to know. Please call or email the office (wpstc@att.net) and let us know.

Our monthly dances, alternating between the Arlington Elks Lodge and the Ft Worth Elks Lodge are ongoing. Please join us if you can for an evening of good country music, dancing and just socializing with other members and friends. As fundraising events, all our dances are open to the public.

The tickets for the WPS Annual Drawing have been printed and will be mailed to all members with the July newsletter next month. The Annual Drawing is the largest single fund raising event that our organization conducts during the year. Your participation is encouraged and appreciated. Refer to the Ways & Means column on page 2 for more information.

A couple of important holidays are coming up soon. The first is Memorial Day on May 30. This is the day we set aside to remember our service members who gave their lives to preserve and protect the many freedoms we treasure as citizens of the United States of America. We are incredibly blessed to enjoy the
unequalled freedoms that are ours. Fly your flag in honor of these fallen heroes.


Another opportunity to fly your flag is on Flag Day, June 14. Show your patriotism by proudly displaying the flag on your home, your lawn or simply by wearing a flag pin on your lapel.

Mike Grissom, President


WPS of Tarrant County is a Grief Support Program for widowed persons of all ages. WPS of Tarrant County is a Tax Exempt Not-For-Profit organization funded by memorials, gifts and donations.


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