In recent months or days you have been placed in a period of time in your life that caused you grief and sorrow in the loss of someone you loved.


The members of the Widowed Persons Service of Tarrant County extend a hand to you and welcome you into our lives.

You are welcome to view the pages of this web site. We extend an invitation to join in our activities. We believe you will find comfort in the knowledge that everyone you meet in the coming months and years through our activities has experienced the same cloudy days but you can be reassured there are sunny days ahead.


After viewing these pages ask the office to send you one of our monthly newsletters. You will be glad you



Once again, we welcome you to review our web site, become a member and get involved. There are no fees or dues.


September 2020

I miss our events - the breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, dances etc, but I understand the need to avoid groups to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  However, some of our members are having informal, non WPS sponsored, events, which is good.  I urge the organizers to try to follow the guidelines which limit the number of people that gather.  To date I have not heard of any WPS member having contracted COVID-19, and I hope that situation continues.  Many of us are in the high risk group for various reasons and do not need to risk being in a crowd.  


As I reported last month, our Programs Chairperson, Phyllis Weisheit, currently has a reservation at Mira Vista Country Club for the Christmas Banquet, which is scheduled for Sunday, December 6. She wants to know if you would attend if we can have it.  Please call her at 817-371-2151 and let her know if you would attend or not.  We have not received the cost of the meal yet, which is all we ask members to pay, but we will let you know the cost as soon as the country club makes it available.  I know that we have no idea what conditions will be like in December, but if you would attend please let Phyllis know.  If not enough members would attend, it will be cancelled.  If you sign up and the country club cancels, your money will be refunded; i.e., we will hold your check until the banquet before depositing.  Let us know what you think. 


North Texas Giving Day is Thursday, September 17 this year.  This year will be our third year to participate.  Last year we raised over $1,000 in needed funds through the generosity of our members.  Please consider donating again this year and help us reach our goal of $1,250.  Details are in the attached flyer. 


If you sent a check to WPS and it has not cleared your bank yet, please be patient; our postal service leaves a lot to be desired.  All mail goes to Dallas first, then is delivered to its final designation.  Recently we received letters that were postmarked in Dallas weeks before we received them.  One letter, which was included in a batch of 60 letters, was postmarked with a date 3 weeks before we received it.  The worst case so far was a letter postmarked July 7 in Dallas that we received on August 8, over a month from the time it was mailed in Fort Worth until we received it.  Needless to say the sender was somewhat concerned having heard nothing.  So, if you send mail, you can call the office, and we can tell you if we have received it, but we cannot depend on the postal service to maintain a reasonable schedule. 


Thank you to the membership for the donations and memorials we have been receiving so we are able to pay our bills in these trying times. 

Clarence Briggs, President


WPS of Tarrant County is a Grief Support Program for widowed persons of all ages. WPS of Tarrant County is a Tax Exempt Not-For-Profit organization funded by memorials, gifts and donations.


Monday - Friday 10 AM - 2 PM


We are closed and all activities cancelled until further notice, but we will be back." If you need to talk to someone call Margaret at 817-236-7967, Vicky at 817-295-9502 or Clarence at 817-313-2115; if there is no answer, leave a message.


The last Grief Support session for the year, which began on August 16, 2020 will end on September 20. Attendance is limited to 8 participants.


Please view our newsletter activity flyers 

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