In recent months or days you have been placed in a period of time in your life that caused you grief and sorrow in the loss of someone you loved.
The members of the Widowed Persons Service of Tarrant County extend a hand to you and welcome you into our lives.

You are welcome to view the pages of this web site. We extend an invitation to join in our activities. We believe you will find comfort in the knowledge that everyone you meet in the coming months and years through our activities has experienced the same cloudy days but you can be reassured there are sunny days ahead.

After viewing these pages ask the office to send you one of our monthly newsletters. You will be glad you



Once again, we welcome you to review our web site, become a member and get involved. There are no fees or dues.


May 2021

Your Officers and Board Members had their first full Board Meeting since March 2020. We are eager to get this year going for you even though it will be in baby steps.

We are restarting some events again (see page 5). All hosts for these events are volunteering their time to do this for you. Please read all the information for each event as there may be some conditions
for their and your safety from COVID-19. We want these meetings to be safe places for you to go, but ultimately it is your choice to make those decisions for yourself.

Most of the Directories for 2021 that were ordered either have been mailed or personally given to you. Thank you, Ron Zembek and volunteers for delivering them. We will start accepting forms for the 2022 Directory soon. Directory sales is a fundraiser for us as well as your having a way to get this information for yourself, since we do not give out this information to anyone over the phone. Also, if Birthdays are celebrated, hosts can find them in the Directory.

We will have our first General Meeting for this year in July. See the June newsletter for detailed information.

What would we do without our volunteers? Because of COVID-19 and other reasons we have lost some of our valued volunteers who have been with us working behind the scenes in the WPS office for many, many years. We owe our gratitude to these fine unselfish volunteers who sacrificed those four hours each week
without fail for us. Thank you, Joan Reath, Kathy Carroll, and Marie Smith. WPS appreciates you.

Therefore, we urgently need at least 3 or 4 volunteers to fill those important positions. We want to keep our office open every day for anyone widowed who may need us, and there are soooo many who do.

Are you ready to volunteer? You would need to commit to  4 hours for a certain day of the week. We are closed on holidays. It involves clerical office work that is not difficult to do and also answering
the phone. This will give you something worthwhile to do and a place to go each week. Call the office and leave a message if you are interested.

Looking forward to seeing you around.

Ruth Turner
Interim President for Clarence Briggs


WPS of Tarrant County is a Grief Support Program for widowed persons of all ages. WPS of Tarrant County is a Tax Exempt Not-For-Profit organization funded by memorials, gifts and donations.


Monday - Friday 10 AM - 2 PM


We are closed and all activities cancelled until further notice, but we will be back." If you need to talk to someone call Margaret at 817-236-7967, Vicky at 817-295-9502 or Clarence at 817-313-2115; if there is no answer, leave a message.


Grief Support sessions are scheduled on a month-to-month basis. Attendance is currently limited to 8 participants. View the current schedule here.


Please view our newsletter activity flyers